Case Study: CCTV Monitoring, Security Guards & Concierge

North East Derbyshire District Council submitted for Tender in October 2012 a requirement to manage the front of house of the council buildings and also supply security guards to a number of sites and also provide CCTV monitoring of four business centres out of hours.

The Tender was for two years with two one year extensions should the council be happy with the service provided.

This was to be the first attempt at a Tender for IPM with the council. We spent a considerable amount of time researching the Councils requirements and visiting every site to be site specific before submitting our Tender.

IPM was awarded the Tender contract.

We handpicked security officers with experience in front of house and concierge to work in the council buildings. As part of the contract we had to Tupe three originating security officers across to us. The full Tupe procedure was carried out in line with the employment laws giving a smooth transfer over to us for the officers involved. We also had our CCTV engineers attend each of the business centres to carry out a maintenance check on the original CCTV systems in place and transfer them across to our state of the art monitoring station.

The whole contract throughout all the different buildings was transferred to us with very little disruption to anyone working in each of the council buildings.
IPM continued to build a professional working relationship with the Council and after completing the initial two years’ contract was awarded the further two one year extensions.

In October 2016, the contract was re-submitted for Tender by the council as the term had been completed.
IPM FM Group Ltd as we are now known due to continued success and growth within the company re Tendered for the contract. Again we were successful in our Tender bid and now have the council contract for a further five years.

The council expressed how satisfied they were and happy how professional the contracts had been handled. They have increased the contract and number of sites incorporated to double the original Tender. The council have also incorporated all there Key Holding contracts to IPM FM Group Ltd.